May 20, 2024
Best 6 Lunar Festival Skins in Mobile Legends

Best 6 Lunar Festival Skins in Mobile Legends

There will soon be Lunar Festival skins for Mobile Legends that are based on Chinese customs. The Lunar Festival is coming up soon. That’s right, these skins are on sale until February. If your heroes need a holiday change, now is the great time to get them.

It depends on the hero, the Lunar Festival skins in Mobile Legends cost anywhere from 749 to 899 Diamonds. First, let’s look at the six most-talked-about Lunar Festival skins:

1. Foxy Lady in Mobile Legends – Aurora

Aurora is rocking the Foxy Lady skin for the Lunar Festival. It’s got that awesome Chinese touch, bringing a party vibe to the battlefield. Picture Aurora turning into a mesmerizing fox lady, adding a sprinkle of magic to your Mobile Legends adventures.

2. Lion Dance in Mobile Legends – Lolita

Get ready for some dance moves with Lolita’s Lion Dance skin. This one is bursting with lively colors inspired by traditional lion dances. Equip this skin to bring good luck and a whole lot of style to your battles. Lolita’s dance moves are ready to steal the show!

3. Dawning Fortune in Mobile Legends – Luo Yi

Luo Yi is all about that Lunar Festival life with the Dawning Fortune skin. This skin screams prosperity and wealth, perfectly capturing the festive spirit. Watch Luo Yi’s abilities light up the battlefield with dazzling effects during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

4. Auspicious Charm – Odette

Odette is here to charm everyone with the Auspicious Charm skin. Taking cues from traditional Chinese beauty, this skin oozes grace and charm. Watch Odette transform into a vision of loveliness with intricate details, making this skin a must-have for Odette fans.

5. Spring Blessings – Sun

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Sun’s Spring Blessings skin. It’s all about that fresh and lively spring spirit. Sun, with his cheerful vibes, will inject some energy into your Mobile Legends matches. Equip the Spring Blessings skin to bring a touch of SLOTJARWO seasonal blessings to your gameplay.

6. New Moon – Chang’e

Chang’e is lighting up the scene with the New Moon skin for the Lunar Festival. Inspired by the beauty of the moon, this skin gives Chang’e a mesmerizing look. Picture Chang’e becoming a celestial dancer with flowing lunar energy, captivating everyone on the battlefield. Dive into the Lunar Festival with the elegance of the New Moon skin.

Quick Tip: Grab Your Lunar Festival Skins Before February Ends!


Please don’t miss this chance to get these great Lunar Festival skins at a lower price before February ends. There’s a Lunar Festival skin for everyone, whether you like the magic of Foxy Lady, the dance vibes of Lion Dance, the wealth of Dawning Fortune, the charm of Auspicious Charm, the freshness of Spring Blessings, or the beauty of the moon in the new moon.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, get ready to show off these awesome skins and bring luck and wealth to your Mobile Legends trip!